How to submit an application for gaining access to EPIC data and/or biospecimens?

The investigator is required to submit a Project Application Form (PF1 Form), for review by the EPIC SC. In the case of projects on type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, access requests are handled directly by the EPIC-InterAct and EPIC-Heart consortia, respectively. (See “Contact us” section).

Requests can be made by contacting one of the following:

  • The Chair of the EPIC Working Group that is most relevant to the proposal (See “Contact us” section).
  • An EPIC Principal Investigator in an appropriate geographical location, i.e. a local EPIC Centre (See “Contact us” section).
  • The EPIC SC directly (

Investigators are strongly advised, as a first step, to contact the relevant Working Group Chair, who can guide the investigator through the PF1 application process. The active involvement of the EPIC SC and the ECs throughout the research project will provide the user with an important knowledge base when analysing and interpreting EPIC data, as well as ensure that the interests of the EPIC study as a whole are considered.

For research requiring the use of biospecimens, upon approval of the EPIC SC, the user is required to liaise with the ECs of Sweden and Denmark (See “Contact us” section) to gain additional approval for accessing biospecimens that are not stored at the IARC Biobank.