How are access applications assessed?

All PF1 proposals will be reviewed by the EPIC SC, consisting of two Principal Investigators from each EC. The relevant EPIC contact (e.g. Working Group Chair) or the investigator presents the PF1 proposal orally on one of the EPIC SC conference calls that are held monthly and chaired by Imperial College London. The deadline for submitting a PF1 application is 10 days prior to the relevant conference call (the EPIC Working Group Chair can inform the investigator of when the next conference call will be held).

The Steering Committee will take into consideration:

  • The scientific excellence of the proposal;
  • The strategic priority of the proposal, with respect to ongoing studies in the specific research area within EPIC, avoiding unnecessary duplication of work;
  • The research strength of the individual/group submitting the request, including scientific quality and ability to administer the project;
  • Compliance of the proposed study and investigators with EPIC’s overall and local ethics and informed consent;
  • The availability of biological samples, if these are requested.